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Natives Photograph

Natives Photograph elevates the work of Indigenous visual journalists and aims to bring balance to the way we tell stories about Indigenous people and spaces. The Natives Photograph database of Indigenous photographers is available to photo editors, creative directors, and those who routinely hire photographers.

Diversify Photo

Diversify Photo is a community of BIPOC and non-western photographers, editors, and visual producers working to break with the predominantly colonial and patriarchal eye through which history and the mass media has seen and recorded the images of our time. Our international online database is used by editors at major media outlets seeking to diversify their rosters of visual storytellers.

The Journal

A unique photography project giving insight into the lives of women* around the world during COVID-19.

Women Photograph

Women Photograph is a non-profit working to elevate the voices of women* and nonbinary visual journalists. The private database includes more than 1,000 independent documentary photographers based in 100+ countries.


Through a Native Lens: American Indian Photography

By Nicole Dawn Stratham
University of Oklahoma Press, 2020

"In this richly illustrated volume, Nicole Dawn Strathman explores how indigenous peoples throughout the United States and Canada appropriated the art of photography and integrated it into their lifeways. The photographs she analyzes date to the first one hundred years of the medium, between 1840 and 1940."