Vincent (Waabishkii Maa’iingin) Johnson

Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians

Born 1990, Bemidji, Minnesota

I grew up on the Red Lake Reservation in northern Minnesota. I started taking photographs of my food in culinary schools, after my Chef told me to start taking photos for my portfolio. As a traveling Chef I started taking pictures of different landscapes. Eventually people started asking me to take portraits. Photography ended up being a passion for me that I can use to create memories and document my culture. My work is to photograph Native people in a proud Indigenous way. It informs people that we are still here and we are still living by our culture. I am a photographer that does landscape, food, and wildlife, though I mainly specialize in portraits within local reservations. I photograph Indigenous people in traditional regalia that makes our people proud of who they are and where they come from.

Child of Sydney & Mike Novak; Lake Bemidji, Bemidji, MN; Camera Fujifilm X-T3, 56mmF/1.2r, SS 1/8000s, ISO 160.