Shannon Carr-Stevens

Laguna Pueblo and Hopi

Born 1968, Albuquerque, New Mexico

When I was in the 7th grade, my parents bought me a Canon AE-1 Program 35mm camera. I'm not sure what they were thinking giving such a serious camera to a kid, but I carried that camera around with me constantly. All my allowance went to buying film and developing photos. I look back now and am so thankful because I was able to capture tons of memories growing up. ​ After high school, I attended the University of New Mexico and took basic photography courses. Developing my own photos in the darkroom was the best! But after college, family and work took priority in my life. There were still occasions I would break out my camera, but they were few and far between. About five years ago, I found myself in a casual conversation about photography with a coworker. That conversation jarred me in my gut and I realized how much I missed taking photos. It was like waking up after a deep sleep. I immediately invested in upgrading my photography and lighting equipment and started my photography business. I specialize in individual & family portraits, landscapes, business headshots and event photography. I also showcase my photography at Native American Art Markets including Santa Fe Indian Market, The Heard Indian Art Market, The National Museum of the American Indian and other Native art shows. My photography has won awards at both the SF Indian Market and the Heard Indian Art Market. I’ve also received an Honorable Mention Award in NM Magazine 2020.

A Hopi girl in her traditional regalia. Laguna Pueblo, April 2021.