Sarah Bradley

Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians

Born 1991, Sylva, North Carolina

I graduated from Virginia Intermont College in 2014 where I studied Interdisciplinary Studies, but always had a passion for photography. I grew up in the Snowbird Community and now reside in the Big Cove community - both are part of the Qualla Boundary, the homelands of my people. I love telling stories through photos with the love and support from my husband, Gregory, and our kiddos. Greg and I have a big family of 8 soon to be 9. He’s always supportive of my work and is my biggest fan. My sister Tashina helped me get started with my photography and pushed me to do more. I continue it for her and my love for it. Outdoor photos are my favorite - there’s nothing like having Mother Nature surrounding you.

My son, Dwayne Wachacha, outdoors in our backyard. I just love the look of it...the feeling of it. Taken summer of 2020.