Rylan Kabotie

Jicarilla Apache, Santa Clara Pueblo, Hopi

Born 1993, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Rylan Kabotie is an instant film artist from the Jicarilla Apache, Santa Clara Pueblo, and Hopi nations. His beginnings as an instant film photographer began when his partner introduced him to film techniques through his first camera in 2019. Rylan’s knowledge of photography expanded to the use of gels, polarizers, and ND filters for his Instax mini 8 camera and snowballed into him using a completely analog camera: the Mint Instant flex TL70 for his photos. Rylan’s favorite subjects to capture are landscapes, organic objects, the mundane and mediocre. He believes instant photography is a way to work backwards in orthodox thinking; it’s a way to tell stories and not look forward to beauty. His methods of storytelling are always changing, like our world. When he lines up each frame it brings him happiness, creativity, and determination all at once. He wishes audiences to see the land they see everyday but to ponder each detail and to understand its sentimentality. He wants audiences to comprehend the feelings and what it means to them.

The Pueblo Dance Group includes Laguna Pueblo, Acoma Pueblo, Zuni Pueblo, and Hopi Dancers. Taken at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, at one of their public cultural dance series. July 2nd, 2021