Tyana Arviso

Navajo-Navajo Nation

Born 1996, Colorado

Tyana Arviso is a Navajo photographer, creative director and artist. Through social media, Tyana uplifts and inspires her audience using photography as a tool to cultivate a better wellbeing. With 5 years of experience as a professional photographer, Tyana specializes in landscape, contemporary and product photography. Through this medium, she has worked with brands and organizations alike to emphasize the sacredness of creative expression on native land. While Tyana has openly discussed the importance of maintaining a healthy creative wellbeing, she finds alternative outlets to exercise her creativity beyond photography. When she is not behind the camera she enjoys the company of her family and spontaneous adventures that inspire. As Tyana continues the quest for creative expansion she recognizes that her creative journey is not linear, it is woven together with triumphs and defeats that inspire her to continue her path.

“Springtide,” May 2019. Photographed in the late afternoon within the folds of Monument Valley, UT/AZ.