Tahila Mintz


Born 1981, Indiana

I am an Indigenous media maker and ancestral scribe. I create still, moving, and VR images to amplify the voices of Indigenous people and the natural world. I also make images to bring people joy, connection, and for healing trauma. I create within communities, for those communities only, as well as for sharing between communities and with the general public. I am most often found in the Misak community (Cauca, Colombia), my Yaqui community (Sonora, Mexico), and across Haudenosaunee territories (New York and Canada). I have worked in over 40 countries and apprenticed with Karel Cudlin. I studied at FAMU in Prague, Czechoslovakia, and received an MFA from University of Texas, Austin. I am full-time photo faculty at Texas State University and Central Texas College.

On the Pilgrimage for Cauatemoc, the last emperor of the Aztec - Mexica state of Tenochtitlan. We bring flowers, maiz, candles, cantos and danza to honor this great warrior.