Omero "Moe" Hernandez

Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians, from the Wolftown community

Born 1987, Sylva, North Carolina

Since I was young, I was fascinated with photography. Looking at skateboarding & BMX magazines to National Geographic, and wondering how it all works; wondering how photographers were able to capture those perfect moments. I knew I would get a camera of my own. When I had enough money saved up, I purchased my first camera and never looked back. When I first started shooting photos, I would travel around and shoot action sports with my friends. As I got older I started shooting sports of my niece and nephews when they would play football and basketball. Then I started getting into portraiture and family shoots. My favorite type of photography is making double exposures and composite images for my clients. Over the years I've been learning new skills to try to make my work stand out. I always try to keep one thought in mind when I'm on a job. It's easy to stand in front of someone and just point and shoot. So I try to challenge myself to capture those moments in a unique way, by taking the extra time to find a different angle to capture the moment. I enjoy trying to look outside the box and give a more exciting perspective - that is what motivates me in the photography world.

Hashkai Bird, Chicken Dance, Composite Image, taken in Cherokee, NC, at the July 4th Powwow, 2019.