Octvavio López Jiménez


Born 1987, San Andrés Zautla, Oaxaca, México

Octavio López Jiménez began his photography studies at FARO de Oriente in 2007. He has since completed several photography seminars, workshops, and has received a number of certificates from photography institutions. Jiménez has participated in individual and collective exhibitions at many notable venues such as, Vasconcelos Library, Museum of Modern Art of the State of Mexico, Manuel Álvarez Bravo Photographic Center, and the Centro de la Imagen. Publications in which his work is featured includes the books, "Contemporary Indigenous Art" by Ingrid Suaker, "Develar y Detonar,” published by RM / Centro de la Imagen / Hydra, and "La Cocina Tradicional" edited by Culturas Populares. Jiménez is the recipient of various awards and scholarships in his home country. In 2017 he founded @everyday.oaxaca, an Instagram platform to show daily life in the state of Oaxaca

In Mexico, witches are described as balls of fire that hover near towns. In this image, a witch haunts the river of San Andrés Zautla, Oaxaca. This was a recreation of the oral tradition of my community. En México, a las brujas las describen como bolas de fuego que rondan cerca de los pueblos. En esta imagen, una bruja ronda el rio de San Andrés Zautla, Oaxaca. Esta fue una recreación de la tradición oral de mi comunidad.