Michael Hill

Six Nations of the Grand River Territory; Cayuga Nation, Wolf Clan

Born 1995, Ohsweken, Ontario, Canada

I currently work in Indigenous Education, more on the policy side of the field. My focus is definitely on decolonization and re-Indigenization of education. This work has allowed me to learn & unlearn how much I’ve been affected by colonization & takr conscious steps to address how that manifests in myself & the environment around me.

Haudenosaunee white corn growing on the hillside in the traditional territory of the Cayuga Nation of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. In the distance you see Cayuga Lake in what is now New York State. It’s a glimpse into the past of how our ancestors lived off the land in harmony with creation and got to see this stunning view everyday. I’m grateful for this moment & wish more of our Indigenous communities revitalized their traditional food systems. uly 2021