Madison Hye Long

Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians

Born 1997, Sylva, North Carolina

Madison Long is a North Carolina based photographer that practices the art of visual narratives. Inspired by landscape artists and painters throughout history, Madison has developed her own style and techniques of photography.

"CONTROLLED GENOCIDE." Addiction is a deadlock. A crisis that has become something which we can all relate to within our life. Whether it be our own personal addictions, or helping someone battle the dependence within, each of us carry a thread of the global addiction story. When I think of my story, I remember it as a constant my whole life. Something I have seen first hand, as it changed my closest friends. If you look around, circling the wave of addiction - it is something that forever played a role within our existence. When contemplating the imagery of evil urges and everyday struggle, I felt compelled to tell the story with just that. Imagery. The photo above objectifies the tangible appetite of alcohol, tobacco, and the pharmaceutical empire which has become second nature. The radio is a metaphor - the one drug we all use to escape, music. Unknowingly subjecting ourselves to the subliminal mindset that drug lyrics and violent verses are admissible. We are among a cultural epidemic, fueled by the top pharmaceutical companies in the world. A spectrum of all ages is falling victim to the insidious influence of these corporations. When we lose a public figure such as Mac Miller, it strikes us in our bones. But what about the bones still walking beside us - powered by the fulfillment of a radical escape. In my hometown, alcohol, drugs, & lifeless souls fill the streets. As addiction lurks around every corner, we close our eyes to dream, only to wake up in a reality of fear. Fear of waking up to one less friend or family member. This photo represents my struggle - the mirror I've faced for years, battling through the urge to follow this cruel highly traveled path. Addiction took my Grandfather's life and many others throughout my family. Throughout the years, I’ve witnessed the devil present his finest work through self destruction and mental manipulation. The devil is a temptress - presenting himself in captivating units of evil, disguised as fulfillment. Until you become one which is stronger than the thrill, the continuum of addiction will prevail. Creative Director: Dylan Rose; Photographers: Dylan Rose, Madison Hye; Model(s): Dylan Rose; Writer: Dylan Rose; Editor: Epiphany Prieb