Lauren McCormick

Mohawks of Kahnawake

Born 1989, Ottawa, Ontario

I grew up in small towns and remote reserves all across Canada. My childhood brought me to live in places like Webequie First Nation and Bella Bella in the Heiltsuk First Nation off the west coast. Growing up in such diverse communities sparked a natural curiosity in me to observe people, and understand the connection and chemistry between them. It seems fitting now that I'm a wedding and elopement photographer. My signature style in photography is actually my energy. My energy embodies light and warmth. With my energy, I attract personalities rather than “types” of clients. My couples are diverse, as are the weddings they choose to have. But in one way or another, they all seem to encompass those words as well: light and warmth. They value experiences and connections over centrepieces and tablecloths. Their weddings might be small or they might be extravagant, but they always seem to have a love that fills each space, and everyone can see it. Being around them is an experience unto itself as their energies seem to spill over and fill the room. And instead of my photographs being ruled by the elements, things like rain, landscapes, and sunlight are captured to enhance each couple and portray their personalities in the environment that surrounds them. Through a deep connection with my clients, a strong ability to empathize, and a knack for anticipating moments, I’m able to capture people being exactly who they are – as if I’m not even in the room. My couples aren’t thinking about having their photo taken, or how they’re standing. They’re experiencing the moment as it happens and feeling comfortable expressing their emotions in a deep, connective way. This allows me to capture the pauses; the hidden moments between heartbeats, and the “in-between” candids that truly depict the couple’s chemistry and tell the story of their day.

This is an image I took of Fern Keeshig and Robbie Jensen on the day they got married. They had a simple paper signing ceremony on June 21, 2021, at sunset, in the heart of Ottawa on the unceded territory of the Anishnabe Algonquin Nation. This was an important day for the couple as it not only fell on summer solstice, but also National Indigenous Peoples Day.