Jero Gonzales


Born 1982, Cusco, Perú

After photographer Jero Gonzales graduated from the Image Center (School of Photography, Lima, Peru), he returned to Cusco to start personal projects related to Andean ethnography and landscape. Along with his personal work, he organizes and develops visual education workshops with children and young people from Quechua-speaking communities, where the visual arts become an avenue to engage with issues of identity and cultural heritage. As a photographer he has a deep interest in the territory and the Quechua language. The use of large format and medium format analog cameras, he believes, allows viewers to realize new visual possibilities, through the exploration and combination of historical and modern photographic processes.

Ñawpaq. "The past is the master of the future.” Our cultural legacy is nurtured by its own symbols and offers each generation the foundation to "listen through the eyes,” the reality of a country that wants to be different, that does not give up, and that always wants to move forward. Art expresses deep collective feelings, contributes with ideas and desires to build a better and fairer Peru. Tomorrow is never resolved, it is always pending to be built ... Cusco, 2020.