Dawnee LeBeau

Itázipčo Oóhenunpa Tetonwan, Wakpa' Was'te' Lakota

Born 1982, Wanbli Paha, South Dakota

Independent Visual Storyteller, Dawnee LeBeau is Itazipacola Oohenunpa of the Tetonwan Oyate. She was born and raised on the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota. Dawnee was introduced to her love of photography when she was gifted her first nikon film camera while working on a tribal youth project in 1996. Dawnee is inspired by portrait, landscape, and documentary photography. She currently resides on the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota with her two beautiful wakanyeja/children, gardening, lakota language, and lakota cultural values.

My tunjan, my ina' and I were out identifying our plant relatives on a warm summer's day while grieving the loss of my dad. We found joy in doing the things that we have learned from him and usually would do with him. This image was taken in our back yard here in Wakpa Was'te' Makoc'e this past summer in 2020.