Dakota Mace


Born 1991, Albequerque, New Mexico

Dakota Mace is a Diné (Navajo) artist and scholar who focuses on translating the language of Diné weaving history and beliefs through alternative photography techniques, weaving, beadwork, and papermaking. She has also worked with numerous institutions and programs to develop dialogue on the importance of cultural appropriation concerning Indigenous design work. Mace received her MA and MFA degrees in Photography and Textile Design at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and her BFA in Photography from the Institute of American Indian Arts. Her work as an artist and scholar has been exhibited nationally and internationally at various conferences and galleries. She has received numerous awards, including the 2020 Fellowship Art Recipient, 2019 Wisconsin Triennial Recipient, Madison Magazine M List 2018 Awardee, and the Alice Brown Memorial Scholarship.

So’ (Stars), Chemigram (Open Series), 4” x 6” (Each), 2019.