Alejandra Rubio

Yavapai-Apache Nation

Born 1981, Flagstaff, Arizona

I am a Native American female visual artist based in Carson city, Nevada. I'm currently working towards my MFA at Sierra Nevada University in Incline Village and expected to graduate in 2021. I am able to embed myself into different cultures and subcultures to provide a glimpse into these worlds for my viewers. I love talking to people and learning about them no matter who they are or where they come from. I place no judgement to anyone and welcome everyone with open arms. Some of my work includes photographs covering Brothels, including the Moonlight Bunny Ranch; hotel living, drugs, protests, Satanism, fitness, and Native American ceremonies. I have been published in local newspapers, which include First Nation Focus, Northern Nevada Business Weekly, and Nevada Appeal. I have always been intrigued in the life stories of people that I come into contact with. Where they come from and where they are going and what makes them them. I have started, or been working on some projects about communities that I am able to get access to as a female hispanic/Native American. In one project I have started to document a local biker club called Street Kings. For my 2021 thesis show I will have images from my family and friends who are tribal members of the Yavapai- Apache Nation in hopes to bring awareness as Native Americans are overlooked with in today's society. Each participant will provide a narrative of what difficulties they face and what they hope for Native American communities.

Elderly women praying during the Apache Sunrise Dance. Camp Verde, Arizona. May 2019. This image was taken during my niece's Apache Sunrise Dance. She was getting dressed by her godmother and friends and family gathered to take part. As I walked around I saw these lovely ladies sitting in this glow of light and took the shot.